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Chief Investment Officer Brian Andrew joined a recent episode of the GoGedders podcast

He shared his thoughts on how the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and other current events continue to affect the economy. To learn more about what to expect from the financial markets in 2021, listen to Brian’s interview.

Please note: This interview was initially recorded December 18, 2020 and posted on January 4, 2021.



Investing in 2021: How to Cut Through the Noise

“So the politics matters a little, but what matters a lot is who’s managing the company? How well are they doing that? How good are their products? How are they growing revenue? And how are they generating earnings? If you stay focused on that and kind of forget about the noise. That is the best advice I can give people. Is to try to keep noise out and focus on the fundamentals of the things they are investing in.”

How Will COVID Habits Affect the Market Long-Term?

“As we think about how many people are working from home, or the way that people have had to change their lives, we’re way past things sticking. And so as a result of that, the benefit that those stay-at-home, as they refer to them, companies, the Netflixs and the Amazons as an example. Those behaviors that we have are different now and they won’t go back to the way they were before.”