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Receivables Management

Improve your company's funds availability, cash forecasting and audit control by placing money where it can be best used for investing or debt reduction.

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ACH Origination

Save time and reduce administrative costs related to printing, processing and security control of checks.

Reduce losses associated with check fraud due to lost or stolen checks.

Optimize the use of funds by eliminating the need to keep extra cash in disbursement accounts waiting for checks to clear.

Easily implement dual control measures.

ACH batch processing results in fewer items to reconcile.

Same day ACH allows you to initiate receivables so you and your recipients can receive funds the same day.

Lockbox Services

Accelerate cash flow

  • Accelerate cash flow by receiving same-day credit for deposits.

Reduce time

  • Reduce the time of payment exception processing with online decision-making.

View daily receipts

  • View daily receipts and supporting documentation online.

Merchant Services

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We make payment processing more efficient and profitable. That's why companies of every size turn to us for strategic guidance and ongoing support. Whether you’re selling to consumers or businesses, we have options that turn opportunity into success.

  • Processing for all major credit and debit cards
  • Quick and seamless startup
  • Experienced customer service specialists
  • 24/7/365 domestically located help desk
  • Countertop terminals/electronic cash registers
  • Smartphone applications
  • Web-based products
  • Convenient access to transaction detail
  • Security for card acceptance and cardholder data
  • Next day funding in most cases


Reduced Costs 

Enhanced Operational Efficiencies

Flexibility and Scalability

Cash Vault Services

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  • Efficient and quicker access to working capital 
  • Streamlined and accurate reporting capabilities 
  • Reduces risk and saves time with less trips to the bank 
  • Enhanced security with armored courier services and dual custody processing 
  • Easy online ordering of currency and coin

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ACH Origination

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transactions allow money to move in and out of your account, saving you time and money.

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Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services take the work out of processing receivables and accelerate cash flow.

Your customers mail payments to a unique Johnson Financial Group P.O. Box and we retrieve, process and deposit items for you, helping speed collection, posting, and reporting of high-volume customer payments.

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Merchant Services

Whether you serve corporate customers, consumers or a combination of both, it's important for your business to accept cards as a payment method and process payments quickly, accurately and securely.

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Our DepositPartner service provides you with the ability to image-capture check payments right at your business location.

The check images and MICR information is then electronically delivered over a secure Internet connection to the bank for credit to your account, speeding the availability of funds and eliminating the need to physically transport paper.

Large vault door with silver finish.

Cash Vault Services

With Cash Vault Services, businesses can reduce the risk of cash and coin handling, while providing efficient access to operating cash.