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Our Client Stories

We take pride in supporting clients at every stage of their financial journey, from those just starting out to those well into retirement.

female client giving a testimonial

“They Were Looking Out for Our Best Interests, As If It Were Their Own”

I built my veterinary practice by making relationships a priority. Of utmost importance was our financial and banking relationship.  I found an exceptional partner and advisor in our commercial banking lending team at Johnson Financial Group. They took time to learn the business and approached the advisory role as if they were looking out for the best interests of The Animal House, almost as if it were their own entity. They tailored their approach to align with my personality and work style. This is the essence of what Johnson Financial Group brings to the relationship, respect for the client and integrity in business dealings.

— Dr. Pat Warpinski

Private Banking and Wealth Client, Green Bay


"Financial Expertise on a First-Name Basis"

In Minneapolis, we did our banking with a very large institution. There were no personal ties. When we came to Madison, we met with a Johnson Financial Group banker who knew our names and learned about our situation and our goals. We started with private banking and quickly added mortgage and wealth management. Many years later, when my job was eliminated, the Johnson Financial Group team was right there to work through financial scenarios, which gave us confidence in our next steps. We recommend the JFG team for anyone seeking financial expertise on a first-name basis.

— Kelly C.

Private Banking and Wealth Client, Madison

"We Feel Like We’re Working With Neighbors and Friends"

When we moved our accounts to Johnson Financial Group, I really noticed a culture shift. It didn’t feel corporate, rather it felt like we were working with neighbors and friends. Even though I’d had good banking relationships before, this was completely different. It’s been easy to work with JFG—I can’t emphasize that enough. Our approach has always been to find the best possible partners and lean into their advisory skill sets. This requires a high level of confidence and trust. We now have this financial team—across wealth management, banking and trusts—who we can call when we have a big decision to make. If you’re looking for a partner who’s truly going to look out for your best interests, look at JFG.

— Collette LaRue

Private Banking and Wealth Client, Green Bay

"Real Partners Watching Out for Us"

What we had before, with a very large bank, was a purely transactional relationship. There, the basic wealth services were too templated, too cookie-cutter. But the concierge wealth services didn’t fit either— someone there told us, ‘You’re not really in my target audience but I’ll help you out.’ We don’t want either of those things. What we want is real partners watching out for us and that’s what we got at Johnson Financial Group. At JFG, we get advice from people who know us, designed for our wealth situation and our life stage.

— Lindsay F.

Private Banking and Wealth Client, Madison

Financial advisor meets with mature couple to discuss their retirement plans.

Private Banking and Wealth Services

Our team of advisors are committed to providing comprehensive financial solutions tailored to your unique goals. Whether you're looking to grow your wealth, preserve your assets or plan for the future, we offer investment management, estate planning and exclusive cash management and financing options to empower you in making informed decisions.


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