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International Banking Solutions

No matter how far you take your company, we have solutions to help your business compete in the global market.

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International Payments

Sending and receiving international payments can be challenging and time consuming. The below services, along with our experienced team to help facilitate your company's international transactions will be beneficial.

Foreign Exchange Services

If you do business internationally, our Foreign Exchange Services will help you more strategically manage your cross-border payments.

  • International Wire Transfers Processing
  • Forward Contracts 
  • Foreign Check Collections


Work with experienced advisors to help navigate the global market

Reduce the risk associated with fluctuating foreign exchange rates while protecting upside potential with forward contracts

Benefit from Letters of Credit to help develop and win business with new clients in foreign markets

Initiate U.S. dollar and foreign currency global payments of more than 20 currencies on-demand through the convenience of our AccessJFG online banking platform

Letters of Credit

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Letters of Credit are widely used as a method of payment for imports and exports in international trade. They can also be used domestically to facilitate trade without the risk of an open account or cash-in-advance transactions.

Our Products

  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Export Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit

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Shana Mallory
Shana Mallory, Treasury Management Portfolio Manager, Milwaukee, WI

Your Trusted International Banking Advisor

As you explore new markets, our advisors can help you manage your company’s potential interest rate risk.