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Integrated Payables

Optimize payments and manage cash flow to streamline payment processes and reduce costs.

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What is Integrated Payables?

Integrated Payables is a payment platform that can take a payment file from any accounting software or ERP system and execute AP payments. The platform supports ACH, wire, virtual card and check. Each payment, regardless of type, allows delivery of remitance content along with the payment. 

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Why use Integrated Payables?

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While investment in new business processes and technology can appear daunting, a modest commitment upfront can lead to significant long-term efficiencies and cost savings for your business.

We understand businesses need to streamline, especially with limited resources or staffing constraints. One of the ways companies are becoming more efficient is by exploring alternatives to the manual payment processes that exist today.

Why businesses are saying “Yes”!’

Streamline the Payments Process

Improve vendor relationships by paying them sooner using the payment method they most prefer. 

Increase Revenue

Convert check transactions to card transactions for rebate eligibility. 

Reduce Costs

Reduce labor, print and mailing costs associated with check processing.

Mitigate Fraud

Single use virtual cards direct specfic amounts to vendor recipients with an expiration date. 

Vendor Management

Improve the vendor enrollment through a comprehensive on-boarding process.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing technical support for your accounts.

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