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Bill Pay

Paying your bills is easier than ever. Easily track, manage and organize your bills without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

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Reduce the chance of late payments when you set up Bill Pay with MyJFG online and mobile banking.

Manage one login

Manage and pay your bills securely from one place.

Pay bills quickly

Schedule your bills in just minutes – no envelopes, stamps or checks required.

Virtually pay anyone

From your water bill to your streaming service, use Bill Pay to pay all of your bills.

Get alerts

Receive email alerts for payments, eBills and bill payment reminders.

Set up Bill Pay

An easy one-time setup can reduce the time you spend each month writing checks and remembering passwords.

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Gather your bills

Gather your bills and begin setting up your recipients. Your loans and mortgages with us are already added!

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Add company or person

Add your recipient's information including account numbers, amounts to pay and when to pay them.

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Pay your way

You can choose auto pay, notifications and reminders for each bill.

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Go ahead and relax – we’ll send your payment.

What is the best way to pay?

Use Bill Pay to:

    • Pay businesses and individuals.
    • Schedule a payment.
    • Pay someone who prefers an ACH or paper checks.
    • Send payments of a larger dollar amount.

Use Zelle® to:

    • Pay your friends, family and individuals you know and trust1, using their U.S. mobile phone number or email address.
    • Make payments of $750 or less.
    • Send money quickly – within minutes2 for those already enrolled in Zelle.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.
1 Must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.
2 Transactions typically occur in minutes when the recipient's email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled with Zelle.

We can also help you with...

Woman uses smartphone to pay for her goods from a bakery.

Mobile Wallet

Easily make secure in-store and in-app purchases at participating merchants using your mobile device and a Johnson Financial Group credit or debit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To add a new payee within Johnson Financial Group mobile app, click on Menu, Transfer & Payments and Bill Pay. Within Bill Pay, select More and Add Payee.

To add a new payee within MyJFG online banking, click on the Left Hand Navigation Menu and select Transfers & Payments and Bill Pay. Within Bill Pay, select Pay Someone New.

Then, follow the remaining instructions to provide the details of your new payee. 

Only you can authorize payments. You can tell us who, when and how much to pay. Payments are issued electronically or via paper checks, depending on what your payee accepts. Both electronic payments and paper checks always include remittance information, ensuring that your payee can accurately record that a payment has been received for your account.

To cancel a payment, click Cancel under Pending Payments. This must be done at least 24 hours before the payment is to be processed. In the Johnson Financial Group mobile app, choose the Recent icon, tap Bill Payments and choose the payment and tap Cancel.

Bill Pay is available through MyJFG online or mobile banking. From the Menu, select Transfers & Payments and then Bill Pay. First, you'll need to choose a primary funding account. Then you can begin adding your payees.

Updates can be made to your Bill Pay funding accounts from the Menu, Settings and Bill Pay Funding Accounts. To update your default funding account online go to Bill Pay, More and Funding Accounts. In the mobile app, go to Bill Pay, More, Visit Bill Pay, More and Funding Accounts

No. The ability to directly place a stop payment on a bill payment in MyJFG is not available. To place a stop payment, contact the Johnson Financial Group Customer Support Center at 888.769.3796.

Yes. The maximum dollar amount per payment is $30,000, and the maximum amount per day for all combined payments is $50,000.

Yes. Payments can be made to government agencies. The following are examples of government agencies: • Municipalities • Student Loans • Court‐ordered payments. Although we offer this payment option, keep in mind that Johnson Financial Group has limited ability to research any problems with a payment made to a government agency, due to the government's strict adherence to the Consumer Privacy Act. Also keep in mind that these payments might not be processed by the government on a timely basis without the attachment of any required government forms.

You may choose to use Bill Pay to pay individuals and businesses, schedule a payment, pay someone who prefers an ACH or paper check, and send payments of a larger dollar amount.

You may prefer Zelle to pay your friends, family or someone your trust using their U.S. mobile phone number or email address, make payments of $750 or less and send money quickly.


No. Payments made using Bill Pay can only be sent within the United States.

Pop-up blockers in Safari and Firefox may prevent Bill Pay from displaying in MyJFG. Please review your settings or options to disable pop-up blockers for your browser.

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