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Public Sector Banking

The image shows the Wisconsin State Capitol building, a white classical structure with a large dome and columns.

We understand that your mission will always come first. Through a highly responsive, customized approach, our public banking sector team delivers solutions for each client based on their unique deposit and debt needs. Our commitment to local decision-making allows us to offer quality solutions at a highly responsive pace.

Dedicated Partnerships

  • Counties, Cities, Villages and Towns 
  •  School Districts 
  •  Community College Districts 
  •  Municipal-Owned Utilities and Public Improvement Districts

Our Approach

Meeting Your Unique Needs

We’ll be there for you through the good and the challenging times. Our highly personal approach to customer relationships is how we have developed a loyal and long-term customer base. We design flexible, tailored plans that are the best fit for each client.

Dedicated Local Expertise

Our relationship and support teams are here in your community to assist and guide you when you need our help. Decisions are made here, locally, which gives us the ability to act fast and make decisions to support your mission and community needs as they arise.

Committed to Long-Term Success

We are a family owned, privately held business. We focus on long term results, not on quarterly reporting. Our goal is to help communities thrive for years to come, and support you providing essential services to your constituents.

Supporting Your Mission

Whether you’re looking to expand your services or find investment solutions to support your stewardship of public funds, our advisors will be responsive to your needs.

Managing Receipts & Disbursements

We continue to invest in Treasury Management Services and Solutions, including digital online banking and data integration. We are able to provide clients with a full suite of solutions, including: merchant and card payment services.

Financial solutions when you need them...


    • Term Loans 
    •  Anticipation Notes
    • Equipment Leasing 
    •  Direct Purchase 
    •  Interest Rate Management Tools

Treasury Management

    • Digital Online Banking 
    •  Fraud Prevention
    • Accounts Payable and Receivable Management 
    •  Information Management
    • Lockbox
    •  DepositPartner (Remote Cash Deposit)
    • Commercial Card Programs
    • Merchant Solutions

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Peter Speca

Peter Speca

SVP Public Sector Banking

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Shannon Garrity

SVP Public Sector Banking