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Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraudulent activity against your accounts by combining our fraud prevention solutions with business best practices.

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Prevent fraudulent activity

Layered security enhances protection by using dual controls and authentication at various transaction points and on our online treasury platform.

ACH & Check Blocking

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ACH Blocking allows you to block potential fraudulent or unauthorized ACH transactions from posting to your account.

All ACH debits and/or credits posting to an ACH blocked account will be returned automatically.

ACH Positive Pay

Enable authorized debitors to bypass the ACH Positive Pay, post to your company’s accounts and pre-assign transaction limits by debitor.

Save time and money by allowing authorized companies to present payment to an account rather than initiating a check for payment.

Prevent unauthorized electronic transactions from posting.

Check Positive Pay

Prevent fraudulent checks from posting to your account.

Quickly access your exception items for timely decision-making.

Maintain tight control over check issuance and payment, preventing voided checks from being cashed.

Improve efficiency and accuracy of the reconciliation process with secure online access.

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ACH & Check Blocking

ACH debit and/or credit transactions are automatically blocked from posting to the company’s account, providing an inexpensive solution to managing unauthorized electronic activity.

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ACH Positive Pay

Provides complete “pay” or “no pay” control of exception items by comparing your authorized debitor information to ACH debits presented for payment.

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Check Positive Pay

Complement the internal security measures you employ with the ability to monitor checks processed for payment against your account and reject unauthorized checks before losses occur.

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Business Credit Cards

Choosing the right credit card is easier than ever when you have multiple card options giving you the flexibility and purchasing power you need to manage your business.