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Johnson Financial Group’s Joe Maier joined a recent episode of the GoGedders podcast to discuss how managing your investments–and emotions–amidst a volatile market can be stressful. Joe breaks down the consequences of making financial decisions solely based on emotion. He also discusses the psychology of loss aversion, regret aversion, and herd mentality and how these all factor into the decisions we make regarding our investments. Knowing how the brain works and how it affects your behavior can better equip you to handle your investments in a volatile market. Listen to Joe’s full interview below.

How Our Emotions Are Put to The Test Amidst a Volatile Market


To make money on your investments, everyone knows you need to buy low and sell high; but if everyone knows this, why isn't everyone making money? Not everyone makes money on their investments because they give in to their emotions. Joe explains the psychology behind these emotions and how you can potentially control them.

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