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BizTimes Milwaukee: What do you see as your most important responsibility to your employees?

Jim Popp: “Our associates are truly the ‘secret sauce,’ and the single most important driver of our success. We feel a great responsibility to do all we can to make Johnson Financial Group an exceptional place not just to work, but to have a career. That means fostering a culture that is productive, engaging, dynamic, and inclusive. It also means investing in our associates’ training and development, coaching, and mentoring them, and providing opportunities for career advancement and mobility. Happy, engaged associates are the life blood of good companies.”

BizTimes: What do you see as your most important responsibility to your customers?

Popp: “It starts with probing and listening to understand each customer’s unique story and needs. Once we know their needs, I like the simplicity of striving to deliver on four key attributes for our customers. Simple, safe, competitive, and personal. If we do those four things well – plus all the little things that lead up to them – we’ll bring value to our customers and have a great chance to earn our fair share of their business.”

BizTimes: What is your corporate philosophy? What sets it apart?

Popp: “The organization was built upon the idea of making life better for the associates who work here, the individuals and companies we serve, and the communities where we do business. Those were the fundamental tenants that led Sam Johnson to start Johnson Bank 53 years ago, and they still ring true for us today. We’re thankful and proud to be privately held, family owned, and truly local. That allows us to make decisions that are best for our customers, our associates, and our communities, with an eye toward the next quarter century, not just the next quarter. We think that helps to create the compelling value proposition that resonates with so many.”

BizTimes: What opportunities or challenges do you see on the horizon for your industry?

Popp: “The financial services industry continues to change and evolve rapidly, creating both challenges and opportunities for all of us. The evolution of digital banking is just one example of the shift that has made banking an ‘always on’ business. Our customers expect 24/7 access from virtually anywhere they can get a connection. At the same time, many still value the personal touch and connection of face-to-face banking. At Johnson Financial Group, we’re grateful for the opportunity to assist our customers in navigating the complex and evolving financial services landscape to achieve their personal financial goals with confidence.” 

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