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We’re excited to announce that JFG is launching a new podcast: Your Money. Your Mission.

Why are we launching a podcast? Ultimately to better serve you. With people spending more and more time consuming content through podcasts, videos, and social media, this will be a great outlet to dive into the financial topics you want to learn more about and provide expert advice.

A little bit about the premise of the show:

This is the show that helps you maximize your wealth by turning complex financial situations into actionable advice. On Your Money. Your Mission. We answer the questions you’ve been asking about -- financial planning, investing, retirement, and everything in between. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of the market or looking for the best ways to save or spend your money, tune in to hear from experienced financial advisors with JFG. Walk away from each episode with savvy tips and financial tools to help you navigate all life has to offer.

In each episode, we take a call from a listener and bring in a subject-matter expert to break down the situation and provide actionable advice. Our first episodes include:

  • 5 money mistakes to avoid as a young professional
  • Get out of debt: How young professionals can achieve financial freedom
  • How to avoid financial fraud in 2023

Additional Episodes

For additional episodes that will help you maximize your wealth by turning complex financial situations into actionable advice, click the button below.

Have questions?

Do you have an important financial question that our team of experienced professionals can help with? We’d love to hear from you.

Submit your question and we’ll try our best to get your question answered on our Your Money. Your Mission. podcast.

Courtney Searles
Courtney Searles, SVP Private Banking Regional Manager, Madison, WI

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