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In this episode of Your Money. Your Mission. host Kelly Mould is joined by CEO Jim Popp to cover what’s on tap for 2024 including how to navigate the potentially volatile financial markets of an election year. We also introduce you to our newly appointed CIO, Dominic CeCi, who joins the podcast for the second time.

There is no question that this year holds significant potential impact both economically and politically.

The upcoming election stands out as a pivotal event, always sparking strong emotional responses from individuals. It's essential for investors to not let these emotions lead to investment errors and irrational decision making. In the grand scheme of things, the election is just one aspect among many in the world of investments, and letting it sway long-term financial goals can hinder success.

In times of uncertainty and noise, having a well-structured financial plan and a trusted advisor becomes invaluable. A financial advisor can provide guidance, rerun plans through different scenarios, and instill a historical market framework to maintain perspective. In the episode Dominic references looking back at historical market trends, particularly the Dow Jones market index from 1896 to 2016, reveals that despite major world events and uncertainties, the market has continued to persevere. Patience and adherence to a sound investment plan have consistently yielded rewards for diligent investors.

Also reflecting on the past, the 2016 election year serves as an intriguing case study. Emotions ran high, and conversations were dominated by political concerns. However, the less probable outcome of the election led to favorable market performance in 2017, characterized by remarkably low volatility and positive monthly returns throughout the year. This serves as a reminder that predicting market outcomes based on emotional reactions to political events may not align with actual market performance.

On a more personal note, Dominic shares insights about his family life including his two kids, his roots in Wisconsin, and his support for the Green Bay Packers despite how the season ended. Additionally, Jim at JFG expresses optimism about the opportunities and growth in store for the company in 2024, highlighting the excitement surrounding the year ahead.

As we navigate the intricacies of the economy and politics in 2024, it's clear that maintaining a steady course, supported by sound financial planning and historical perspective, is paramount for investors. Amidst the noise and uncertainty, focusing on long-term financial goals and staying informed by historical market patterns can help navigate the ever-changing landscape of global economics and politics.

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Dominic Ceci, Chief Investment Officer CFA®

As Chief Investment Officer, Dominic is responsible for leading Johnson Financial Group’s investment team and overall strategy. With his deep understanding of investment strategies and portfolio construction, Dominic oversees the firm's investment committee, portfolio management and trading operations, all of which contribute to making informed investment decisions to ensure optimal performance and alignment with client goals. His unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a highly trusted and sought-after professional.