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Protecting Your Wealth

Protecting your wealth starts by understanding your net worth, the assets you own and the risks associated with them.

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Your Best Strategy and Defense

A trusted advisor can be your best defense against the number one risk to your wealth, your own emotion-driven decisions. Our empathetic and objective team will keep you on track with a strategy to create a legacy for your lifetime and beyond.

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Potential Risks to Your Wealth

Risks can be personal or business related.

  • Cybercrime
  • Divorce
  • Lawsuits
  • Natural disasters
  • Business recession or financial downturn
  • Embezzlement or business fraud
  • Illness or death of an owner or key employee

Your Advisor

The best advisors share three critical traits that get to the essence of protecting your wealth, maximizing what you have in order to protect the people you care about.


They are a skilled biographer who draws out your story— your values, your goals and whom you care about most.


They are a highly qualified consultant who can help you structure your assets to grow and transfer to the people you love.


A great advisor is also your coach, helping you make the right decisions that align with your goals.

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Your Team of Advisors

In order to maximize and protect your wealth for the long term, you’ll need an advisor and dedicated team of professionals to support your goals.

  • CPA
  • Attorney
  • Insurance Consultant
  • Family Office

We can help you get there

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Retirement & Financial Planning

As you get closer to retirement, we can provide you with a comprehensive proposal that evaluates your current financial plan in relation to your retirement goals. We will also provide a clear explanation of the various retirement plan options available so that your election will be appropriate based on your goals.

Learn More about Retirement and Financial Planning
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Estate Planning

An estate plan identifies the right people to help make decisions for you in the case of incapacity or for others in the case of guardianship. It will also determine a trustee to execute your plan.

LEARN MORE about estate planning.
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Business Succession Planning

As a multigenerational family business, we are attuned to the needs of business owners at every stage, from that initial creative spark to your retirement and beyond.

Learn More about business succession planning
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Jon Wangerin, SVP Private Banking Regional Manager, Janesville, WI

Your Trusted Partner for Life's Biggest Moments

No matter what financial needs you may have, we're here for you. Our experienced advisors work closely with you to build the right path to help you achieve your goals.

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