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Airline Pilot Insights

Social Security: The When, Why and How

By Graham Kessel | Johnson Financial Group

2 minute read time

As an airline pilot, there are many things to consider as you near retirement, including Social Security. In a recent presentation, Johnson Financial Group’s Graham Kessel provides an overview of when you may want to turn on your Social Security benefits, including if it makes sense to defer. Graham also provides several examples of spousal benefits strategies and how they may impact your family.

Our Pilot Program team is here to help guide you on determining the right strategy for you and your family based on your financial needs. Contact Graham or one of our other Pilot Program team members today to learn more.


Graham Kessel

Graham Kessel

Wealth Advisor | Johnson Financial Group

As Officer, Wealth Advisor, Graham uses his knowledge of investments and experience with financial planning to help his clients work towards their financial goals both pre and post retirement. He enjoys building strong partnerships with his clients while servicing their financial planning and investment needs.

Johnson Financial Group and its affiliates do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor as well as a qualified retirement plan advisor to best understand how to maximize your savings and create a retirement income stream.