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Airline Pilot Insights

Active United Airlines Pilots: PRAP, Roth Conversions and Your Financial Plan

As an active United pilot during a turbulent time in the airline industry, you’re facing important decisions that may impact your career and financial future.

Johnson Financial Group recently hosted a webinar on your PRAP and several unique planning strategies that can help keep you prepared for an on-time retirement, including:

  • How Roth conversions work and when it may make sense to utilize this option on the Schwab platform
  • Tax implications on converting investments pre- and post-tax
  • Funding your new Health Retirement Account (HRA) in order to access dollars pre-retirement
  • Examples of medical expenses as an active pilot and what you’ll likely need in retirement

Featured Speakers

Robert Warner Robert Warner
EVP, Pilot Program
Johnson Financial Group
Chuck Allison Chuck Allison, CFP®
VP, Wealth Advisor
Johnson Financial Group
Bill Davis Bill Davis
Consultant, Pilot Investor Relations
Johnson Financial Group


View the recording of the PRAP, Roth conversions and your financial plan webinar and download the full presentation below.



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