PRAP, Roth Conversions and Your Financial Plan Webinar

If you are an active United pilot, you’re facing important decisions that may impact your career and financial future during a turbulent time in the airline industry.

We recently hosted a webinar on your PRAP and several unique planning strategies that can help keep you prepared for an on-time retirement, including:

  • How Roth conversions work and when it may make sense to utilize this option on the Schwab platform
  • Tax implications on converting investments pre- and post-tax
  • Funding your new Health Retirement Account (HRA) in order to access dollars pre-retirement
  • Examples of medical expenses as an active pilot and what you’ll likely need in retirement

Roth Conversions and Your Post-Retirement Redzone Webinar

If you are retired there are several key planning tools and sources of income that can impact your financial future.

We recently hosted a webinar for a conversation on planning strategies that can help keep you in the post-retirement redzone, including:

  • Roth conversions and when it makes sense to utilize them
  • Minimize taxes in retirement
  • Medicare costs and secondary coverage considerations


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