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Saving for a Vacation

Planning a weekend getaway with family, a cross-country road trip, or traveling abroad? Regardless of your destination, we can assist you with financial planning strategies for your next trip.

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Before You Kick Back and Relax 

There are many payoffs to time away – the fun of planning the itinerary, new experiences and excursions, the lure of adventure and time to kick back and relax. Those benefits also come with a price, making it important to plan ahead and even more importantly, save.

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Planning Your Vacation

Once you've decided to take a vacation, set aside time for advance planning.

  • Desired destinations
  • Types of transportation
  • Lodging
  • Money for meals and shopping
  • Special attractions or experiences

Saving Strategies

Price out a few options and determine what meets your desires – and your wallet.

Set a budget

Determine a comfortable spending limit and add a stretch amount to accommodate unexpected opportunities or costs. Consider every element from transportation, lodging and meals, to entertainment, ATM and room fees.

Save money in advance

After determining your estimated vacation cost, you can use multiple ways to save in advance. Put money into savings each month after you pay for your regular expenses, or consider opening a travel savings account separate from your other accounts.

Automate savings

Similar to using automated withdrawals for insurance or retirement accounts, you can transfer funds into a vacation account to reserve the money you need for your trip. 

Bonus money

If you expect to receive a tax refund, pay raise or bonus, reserve some or all of it for your vacation fund.

Reduce expenses

Review your spending for potential cuts. Track your daily spending and identify needs and wants to determine whether you can find extra cash.

Take advantage of perks

Consider a credit card that offers rewards on items you purchase regularly, such as gas, airfare, hotels, groceries and car rentals. Then, redeem the rewards to reduce your out-of-pocket cost when you book your vacation.

Saving While You're Away

Find a few creative ways to save or reduce expenses while on vacation.

Creatively cut costs

Reduce your meal expenses by booking a hotel or lodging with a kitchen where you can prepare your own food. Some hotels and lodging also offer free parking, which can add up during stays of a week or more.

Live like locals

Consult your hotel’s concierge or local retailers for tips on sightseeing, restaurants, side trips, tourist attractions and other activities and amenities. They are likely to know where you can get the best homegrown deals on food and entertainment. 

Look for fun freebies

Search online for hidden gems, such as specialty museums, tours, entertainment and destinations that cost little or nothing. A day at the beach may be just as enjoyable as going to a water park, and a community festival might be an alternative to an expensive tour.

We can help you get there

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Savings & Money Market

Be prepared for life’s little surprises with a savings or money market account. Whether you're just starting to save, building an emergency fund or saving for something special, we can help you reach your goals.

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Purpose of Financial Planning

The purpose of a financial plan is to define how your income and assets can provide for a lifetime of happiness. Healthy savings habits, spending discipline and appropriate investments are necessary to meet your goals. But, you need more than just a plan.

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Credit Cards

Increase your purchasing power while earning rewards to use the way you want.

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