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Loss Prevention Services to Mitigate Your Risk

Effectively managing your company safety and loss control is critical to reducing your costs and protecting your employees. We can help you manage risk and control costs so your company continues to thrive. 

Loss Prevention

Stay in compliance, protect your organization and employees, reinforce procedures and mitigate costs.

Safety Plan

We will work with you to prevent workplace injuries by developing an action plan for your company that addresses safety, training, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other issues.

Reduce Experience Mod

Reduce the number and severity of workers’ compensation claims through safety and return to work programs as well as supervisor training.

OSHA Compliance

On-site or online safety training, OSHA 300 log recordkeeping, citation procedure assistance, and data/trend analysis enable you to stay in compliance and keep your employees safe.

Accident Investigations

Gain a better understanding of the impact of claims and root cause analysis to improve your ability to prevent similar losses in the future.

Fleet Compliance and Training

We can provide on-site consultation to protect your fleet, including DOT compliance, loss control action plans, outreach and training, workers’ compensation and employee safety communication.

Information Protection and Privacy

With new technologies arising every day, we offer guidance on how to protect your company against theft of information, identity or breaches.

Safety Solutions

It isn’t enough to simply be aware of safety standards and best practices. Empower your employees to adhere to safety requirements in order to control costs related to injuries and illnesses.

Workplace Safety Audits

Prevent workplace injuries through safety audits and assessments for machine guarding, personal protective equipment, fall protection/prevention, and much more.

Safety Culture

Organizations with a robust safety culture have better results. We can assist in your safety committees, provide resources for safety talks, and offer research and findings on safety topics.


Benchmarking can help validate the insurance program our advisors customize for your company, especially during the renewal process. It can also help shape risk management decisions and identify trends happening in the market. Our advisors will work with you to:


Identify comparable "peer" companies with similar characteristics, including size and type of industry, on a national basis.


Compare the financial facets, such as limit, deductible and premium, of your specific insurance program to those of your “peer” companies.


Review the results and help you understand how your insurance program compares to your "peer" companies. 

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Risk Assessment

Every facet of your organization impacts your risk and exposure to potential claims. Risk assessments protect your organization and employees by identifying gaps and pitfalls in policies, procedures, and performance.