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Areas of Specialization

We have a team of experienced wealth advisors that specializes in working with foundations, endowments, hospitals and senior living communities.

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Hospitals and Senior Living Communities

Our advisors work closely with you to build risk‐controlled investment portfolios that maximize returns within a balance sheet context. Our experience serving not‐for‐profit hospital and senior living communities enables us to provide tailored solutions to assist in meeting your specific goals and objectives.

Establish a holistic approach

We start by understanding and integrating aspects of your operating environment, debt structure and strategic plans with the stages of our investment cycle methodology.

Develop your investment program

We will determine your overall risk budget for your organization and construct a portfolio that adheres to your risk budget.

Hold ongoing reviews

Your organization is dynamic. Your goals and objectives and the way you achieve them will continue to change over time. Reviewing your investment program on an annual basis will ensure that your program supports your organization's growth now and into the future.

Foundations and Endowments

Foundations and endowments are typically viewed as long‐term and perpetual assets and as such, are often invested to maximize returns within reasonable risk tolerances. Therefore, we take a much more subtle view and review of the purpose of the assets and determine reasonable risks when creating an investment approach.

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We work with you to design investment strategies for your organization with a keen understanding of:

  • Spending and disbursement policies, including any ramifications of not achieving stated goals
  • Historical and expected distribution budgets
  • Donation history and future fund raising plans and goals
  • Your organization's financial strength, risk budget and strategic plans

These considerations become the basis for your investment policy, allocating your assets, creating your risk management strategies, building your portfolio, and selecting your investments. Our customized performance reporting tools then enable us to evaluate and oversee the progress towards realizing the purpose of your assets.

Steve Backus
Steve Backus, VP Client Advisor

Your Trusted Advisor

Our team is dedicated to your industry and ready to deliver efficient, economical and effective solutions. Using our knowledge and industry expertise, we will help you grow and manage your company while minimizing risk.

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