Good Afternoon,

As we approach the end of the transaction blackout period for your Plan, I want to provide you a few updates on your upgraded plan sponsor access:

Accessing Your Plan Online
There are two ways you can access your plan online on September 13, 2021: 
Your existing Plan Sponsor User ID and Password will remain the same, giving you an easier transition back into the plan website.

Updated Payment and Mailing Instructions
In our last communication we provided an updated Payment and Mailing Instructions document. Please review these instructions carefully AND our resource page for key changes to your BIN (Bank Identification Number / Plan Account Number). If you need to confirm your updated Plan Account Number, you may: 
  • Reach out to me directly, or to your Account Manager.
  • Retrieve your new Plan Account Number by running a (new!) plan report. View the instructions on our resource page.
We are working hard to make sure that these changes occur with minimal disruption to you and your employees. Our goal remains to have your plan data and investments converted to the new platform by Monday, September 13, 2021.

As a reminder, our resource page includes a checklist and other key information to help you prepare for the new platform.

Stay tuned for live webinar training opportunities coming in September to introduce you to our enhanced online access for you and for your employees. Please reach out to me at any time if you have questions.

Thank you for your trust, and your confidence, in helping your employees prepare for a successful retirement.