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Markets and Economy

Market Call: For Better or Worse?

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As we navigate through this unprecedented global health crisis, your investments and financial plans are likely top of mind.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent market call on the pandemic’s impact on the economy, markets and your plans. Key topics our team discussed, included:

  • The leading indicators to pay attention to that provide information about how the economy is doing.
  • What stock investors see that gives them confidence in the recovery.
  • The implications of our government borrowing from the future to replace corporate revenue and personal income. How will they pay that back? Can they do more?

If you were unable to listen in, please click below to listen to each of our presenters.

Download Presentation

Click the download button below to review the key information Brian, Joe and Annette discussed on the call.

Asset Allocation in the Current Environment

Annette Hellmer, SVP, Wealth Portfolio Manager discusses why asset allocation matters and what leading indicators we are watching.

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Planning Insights

Joe Maier, SVP, Director of Wealth Strategy discusses what Olympic athletes can teach us about planning.

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Mobile Data and the Economy

Brian Andrew, President and Chief Investment Officer discusses mobile data and what it can tell us as well as why technology continues to lead the way.

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