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Investment Commentary

Market Call: The Changing Investment Environment & Your Portfolio

April 21, 2023

4 minute read time

The last month has reminded everyone that the consequences of much higher rates and tighter financial conditions are not all behind us. Investors are left wondering what to do with their portfolios in this changing investment environment.

This week, Johnson Financial Group’s Brian Andrew, Jason Herried and Ron Alberts held a client call to discuss:

  • What we know about the banking crisis and why it is different than 2008-2009
  • What is the problem and opportunities with higher interest rates
  • Updating your plan and portfolio for the current environment

Featured Speakers

Brian Andrew, EVP and Chief Investment Officer

Jason Herried, SVP Director of Equity Strategies

Ron Alberts, SVP Director of Fixed Income Strategies

Market Call Recording & Presentation

View the recording of the Market Call and download the full presentation below.