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New Security Requirements & Cyber Insurance Webinar

With everything you are managing daily for your business like the war for talent, fuel costs, inflation and supply chain issues, it can be easy to overlook potential cyber threats. From hacking into your systems and holding your business hostage to selling your employees information to the highest bidder, there are bad people out there looking to target your business.

Our Commercial Insurance team recently hosted a webinar to address the risk of cyber-attacks and discuss strategies to protect your business. Our informative conversation featured a panel of industry experts from Johnson Financial Group, CCB Technology and WatchGuard.

The panel discussed: 

  • How to determine your cyber risk and insurance needs
  • Things you need to consider when choosing coverage 
  • Security solutions you need to have in place to qualify 
  • What you should be doing now to lower your risk factors

Featured Speakers

Stephen Frew.png Logan McCoy.png Jacob Turnowski.png Rick Hannam.png

Stephen Frew

Johnson Financial Group

Logan McCoy

CCB Technology

Jacob Turowski

CCB Technology

Rick Hannam


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