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Food Industry Sanitation Chemicals Safety Review

By Jim Kremer | Johnson Financial Group

2 minute read time

Sanitation chemicals are used by all facets of the food and beverage industry. Bars, restaurants, and manufacturing companies all work to keep their establishments clean and safe. The chemicals used are very effective, but when mishandled they can cause safety issues for staff members and even customers.

Please review a brief message from our Loss Control Engineer, Jim Kraemer, for a brief safety review of this risk.


Click here for more information and to read a brief overall of Jim’s safety review.




Jim Kremer

Jim Kremer

Loss Control Engineer | Johnson Financial Group

Jim Kremer helps business owners protect their companies through tailored insurance solutions. With a strong insurance background, Jim has specialized in the food and beverage, manufacturing and medical/social service areas in addition to construction and transportation. . He is knowledgeable in employee safety and OSHA compliance, property protection, facility security and emergency response. Jim has translated his experience managing safety and emergency response situations into his practical approach to consulting.