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OSHA’s COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard for Health Care

On June 10, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS). The ETS was developed to protect health care and health care support service workers from occupational exposure to COVID-19 in settings where people with COVID-19 are reasonably expected to be present. The ETS is expected to become effective as soon as it is published in the Federal Register.

Covered employers include hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities; emergency responders; home health care workers; and employees in ambulatory care settings where suspected or confirmed coronavirus patients are treated.

We recently held a webinar to review what this means for impacted organizations, in which we reviewed: 

  • ETS Requirements 
  • Employee Vaccination
  • Respiratory Program

Featured Speakers

Stephen Frew, VP Risk Consultant

Jim Kremer, VP Loss Control Engineer


Webinar Recording & Presentation

View the recording of the webinar and download the full presentation below.