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Airline Pilot Insights

Act Now to Control Taxes Later

By Jaclyn Gruber | Johnson Financial Group

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While actively flying, you have some control over your tax situation. Once retired, you gain even more control. This can only be accomplished by saving after-tax money via your PRAP, HRA/RHA and outside accounts.

In a recent presentation, Johnson Financial Group’s Jaclyn Gruber provides an overview of what your tax situation may look like, meanwhile providing a few strategies to maximize your savings.

Our Pilot Program team is here to help guide you on determining the right strategy for you and your family based on your financial needs. Contact Jaclyn or one of our other Pilot Program team members to learn more.


Jaclyn Gruber

Jaclyn Gruber

AVP Wealth Advisor | Johnson Financial Group

Mrs. Gruber is responsible for helping clients achieve their retirement and planning objectives. She specializes in providing clients with the tools necessary to make informed decisions regarding their financial planning goals. In addition, Mrs. Gruber is actively involved in new business development.