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Renters insurance provides coverage for you and your personal belongings when renting an apartment, staying in a dorm or living with friends or family.


Covers your personal belongings against theft and damages.


Safeguards you from liability claims if there is accidental damage to your apartment or if friends are injured in your apartment.


Often one of the most affordable policies, but ultimately depends on the amount of coverage you choose to buy.

How much renters insurance do you need?


  • Your landlord's insurance doesn't cover any theft or damage to your personal belongings, and the value of your personal property can add up quickly. Decide how much your personal property is worth:

    • Document what you own with photos or videos to determine how much coverage you need.
    • Include your electronics, clothing, furniture and any other items that may add up.


  • Renters insurance liability coverage can protect you from liability claims and lawsuits if others experience accidental injury or damage to their property while in your apartment, loft or flat. Liability coverage is especially important for adult children who return home or are living with family or friends. Consider the following:

    • How much renters insurance does your landlord or apartment complex require?
    • How much do you have in assets, or what is your net worth?
    • How much are you at risk of being held liable for injuries or damages?

Personal Inventory Tip

Document what you own with photos or video, and keep these records in a secure off-site location like a safe deposit box. Our advisors can help you with other inventory options.

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Renters insurance covers furniture, TV, phone, laptop, clothes, jewelry and other belongings in your apartment.

Renters insurance can also cover your valuables when they are not in your home. For example, if your laptop gets stolen or damaged while you are traveling, renters insurance will pay to replace it.

Additionaly, renters insurance covers damage to your belongings from theft, fire, water damage, visitor injury, vandalism and other covered losses.

Renters insurance does not cover a misplaced laptop, phone, etc. It also does not cover damage done by your pet or your roommate's belongings.

Renters insurance also will not cover natural disasters (damages caused by flooding, earthquakes, sinkholes, etc.) or property damages caused by pests or items of high value (antiques, art, family heirlooms, etc.).

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Advisor and an Advocate

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