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Why is coverage important?

Whether you are buying a starter home, moving to a new home, downsizing or building your dream home, a homeowners insurance policy will protect you from the unexpected. 

Be prepared for the unexpected

Be prepared to replace your home and belongings if disaster strikes, without dipping into your savings.

Meet loan requirements

If you have a mortgage loan, your lender likely requires you to hold a homeowners or condo policy.

What's covered?

Protect your home and valuables from weather, theft and other damage.

Property Damage

Most policies provide coverage for damage to your house due to:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Water damage

Personal Property

Most policies provide coverage for damage or theft to your belongings such as:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Clothing

Personal Liability

Provide coverage for medical expenses or property damage caused by you or other members of your household, even pets. It may also help with legal expenses in the case of a lawsuit.


Most policies provide limited coverage for jewelry stolen from your home. If your jewelry is of high value, contact an advisor to learn about other options.

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Condo Insurance

As a condominium owner, you have special needs to consider. Condo insurance can protect you if your condo or possessions are damaged, destroyed or stolen. It will also provide liability coverage for unexpected accidents in your home to protect you financially against lawsuits and liability claims.

We can review your association's by-laws to help you understand and select the coverage you need.

What does condo insurance cover?

  • Fire
  • Most weather-related events
  • Theft
  • Liability
  • Identity theft protection

Keep an inventory of your personal belongings

Document what you own with photos or video, and keep these records in a secure off-site location like a safe deposit box. Our advisors can help you with other inventory options.

Insure your home for at least 100% of the estimated replacement cost

Understanding market value vs. replacement cost is an important consideration in determining how much coverage you need. We recommend you purchase homeowners insurance equal to your home's estimated replacement cost. It's important to have enough coverage to account for the unforeseen and to replace your home.

Extra protection with back-up sewer or drain coverage

No one wants to come home and discover sewage seeping into the basement or a toilet overflowing due to a broken sewer line. You have the option to add back-up sewer and drain coverage to your homeowners insurance to cover this type of costly damage. It covers losses caused by the backup of water or waterborne material through a sewer or drain* and overflows from a sump or drain. *This is not flood coverage, and will not cover your losses in the event of a flood.

The market value is the amount a buyer would pay for your home. The market value of your home is impacted by the local housing market, housing shortages, and the number of new homes being built near you and your location. Market values fluctuate constantly and are not always a reliable source for replacement costs. Replacement cost is the total cost to rebuild or repair your entire home. The cost to replace your home includes the expense and availability of labor and materials, fuel costs and the special characteristics within your home. In most cases, the cost to rebuild your home is much higher than what you paid for your home or the market value.

Yes. Save up to 20% in annual insurance premiums when you choose to bundle your auto and homeowners policies.

Find out more about our auto insurance policies.

You have the option to add back-up sewer and drain coverage to your homeowners insurance policy. It covers the costly damage from the backup of water or waterborne material through a sewer or drain and overflows from a sump or drain.

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Advisor and an Advocate

If the unexpected happens, service and responsiveness become as important as the dollar value of your coverage. Having an advisor on your side means you'll have a personal advocate working with you and looking out for your best interests while handling your claim.

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