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Disability benefits can be used if you are unable to earn an income, regardless of how you become injured or ill. 

Multiple Options

Short and long-term coverage options can ensure you're covered for the duration of your disability.

Salary Replacement

Depending on your coverage, 40-70% of your monthly base income may be replaced tax-free up to a predetermined cap.

Returning to Work

Additional benefits may cover training services to help you get back to work.

Do you need disability insurance?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, contact one of our advisors to determine what disability coverage is best for you. 

Question 1

Are you currently or planning to become self-employed?  

Question 2

Would a loss of income negatively impact your family's life?

Question 3

Would you lose your employer-paid benefit if you leave your job?

Question 4

Would you like to compare extra benefit options to your current coverage? 

Question 5

Could you benefit from having someone review your current coverage? 

We can also help you with...

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Life Insurance

Ensure the people you love most are taken care of financially, even if you're not there.  

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Drew Pollack
Drew Pollack, Life Insurance Consultant, Green Bay, WI

Advisor and an Advocate

If the unexpected happens, service and responsiveness become as important as the dollar value of your coverage. Having an advisor on your side means you'll have a personal advocate working with you and looking out for your best interests while handling your claim.

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