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Like many of you, we have watched as recent acts of racial violence have brought to light the systemic issues of racism and social inequality in our country. The news clips and graphic images have left us feeling angry, upset and profoundly disturbed.

Sadly, these issues are not new in our country, and recognition alone has not led to meaningful change in our communities. As individuals, as companies and as a country, we must do better.

At Johnson Financial Group, we have always taken great pride in being family-owned, with a reputation for impeccable ethics, integrity and family values. We’re proud of the relationships we have developed with our valued customers, our associates and the communities we serve.

Every year our talented associates log thousands of hours volunteering in our communities. We give of our time, talent and treasure and take great satisfaction in the work that we do to help lift our communities.

But recent events have led us to realize that we must do even more. We need to act differently, think differently and look inside our own company to find ways to be even better.

There is no roadmap to follow here. We’ll start with candid conversations about race and social injustice with an eye toward establishing actionable steps that we can take to move the needle toward meaningful, sustained change.

Thank you for the trust you place in us every day to be your financial partner. Stay safe, stay healthy and be kind.

With gratitude,

Jim Popp Signature.png

Jim Popp
CEO, Johnson Financial Group