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Both ACH and Check exceptions will need to be decisioned by 1:00 PM CT.

Occasionally, the bank of first deposit’s systems will read your check incorrectly as it is processing, which will cause an exception. If you notice you are receiving an exception due to an error of this nature, and the check should be paid, please make a Pay decision on the exception. Then, please contact Treasury Management Support ( or 888.769.3796, option 2) with the details of the error, and they will fix the error so it processes for the correct check number and/or amount.

No, alerts will come in on Saturday for Monday’s Exceptions, but you can wait until Monday to log in and make a decision on the exception.

Positive Pay is an integrated Single Sign On within AccessJFG. Log on to AccessJFG and select the Positive Pay option within the Cash Management menu to access the integrated Positive Pay functions (Exception Processing and Adding Issued Checks). Once in the integrated functionality, click the Launch Advanced Options button to connect to the full Positive Pay functionality, if needed.

All Positive Pay users must also have an AccessJFG profile due to Single Sign On connection between AccessJFG and Positive Pay. You can create an AccessJFG user profile that has no account or transaction entitlements other than Positive Pay. See the user guide “Creating Positive Pay & DepositPartner Users in AccessJFG” found in the Administration sections of the Client Resources page for instructions on how to create a Positive Pay only AccessJFG profile.

For new user setups, please allow up to two business days for the Single Sign On to be activated.

ACH Exception processing is now a two-day process. If you have an ACH Exception, you will see the transaction on your account on Day One. On Day Two, the exception will be available for you on the Positive Pay system to decide to Pay or Return.

If you are approving an Exception Decision, you must make your approval by 1:00 PM CT. If you are approving an issued item, you must approve that item by 10:00 PM CT on the day it is entered into the system. If the item isn’t approved by 10:00 PM CT, the item will be rejected and must be re-entered into the system.

A post-dated check is considered a valid, negotiable item as of the day it is written and signed regardless of if the written date on the check is in the future.

The field itself is not considered required by the system. However, if you contracted with JFG for payee matching and you don’t complete that field, your check will be an exception due to no payee match.

You can manually delete each check in the Check Search page. Otherwise, you can call our Support team at 888.769.3796 (option 2) and they can delete the entire file for you.

FTP check issue files will be loaded into the system within 15 minutes of transmission.

You can now generate your reconciliation statements at any time. See the Account Reconciliation User Guide in Client Resources for more information.

If your file map is set to import checks based on the account number found within the file, you will still need to select an Account ID (account number).  However, the File Map will still import based on the account number(s) listed within the file.

If an alert isn’t assigned to your profile, you won’t be able to activate it for yourself or any other users.  Accordingly, if you turn off an alert on your profile, you will not be able to reassign it to yourself or another user.  If you see an alert in the User Guide that you would like activated, please contact Treasury Management Support ( or 888.769.3796 option 2) and they will be able to activate the alert for your profile; you will then be able to turn on that alert for other users in your organization.   

Have questions?

Contact our dedicated support team at
888.769.3796, option 2