Combine current Customer ID (exclude 288) with your current User ID

Example: Current Business Gateway Customer ID: 288JFG; Current User ID: jdoe

New AccessJFG User ID: JFGjdoe (User ID is not case-sensitive)

Utilize current Business Gateway Password, will be prompted to change  

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.  Internet Explorer is not compatible.

All Business Gateway users as of 10/2/2020 will receive an email the morning of October 13th. Users added after 10/2 will need to be manually built in AccessJFG before they can log in.

The file type is not properly associated with the application. The easiest way to create the association is to save the download file to your desktop the first time, right-click the file and click Open with. In the Open With dialog, select Quicken or QuickBooks. The next time you download your history, the program should launch automatically. For more information, check the documentation for your desktop computer.

Yes, if your rights permit you to see the activity of the other users instead of just your own.

The Tracking ID is a unique identifier for each transaction that you create in online and mobile banking. It is a reliable way to reference a transaction. Tracking IDs appear in the transaction details in the Online Activity page. When you use secure messages to inquire about an account or a transaction, the message automatically includes the tracking ID.


The Online Activity page contains all transactions initiated in AccessJFG and the mobile app. It does not include transactions that you make by other means, such as checks. The Online Activity page also shows the status of each electronic transaction as it moves from a drafted status through to a processed status.

The Account Details page is a record of processed and cleared transactions against your account from all sources. The Account Details page does not include transactions that have been drafted, approved, or canceled in AccessJFG and the mobile app, only those that have already cleared or that will clear your account the next processing day.

Certain account types do not support online statements, for example loans.

Ensure that you allow pop-ups for the AccessJFG in your browser settings. If you encounter problems loading the page, it is likely that the pop-up box is being blocked by a pop-up blocker or a toolbar pop-up blocker. You can disable the pop-up blocker in your browser's settings or add AccessJFG as an allowed site.

If you are on a public computer, you may wish to view images. PDF documents are often cached by the browser and stored in a temporary files folder. If you select PDF on a public computer, you should delete the cache files and other temporary files after you log off to ensure your security.  We suggest you do not access your online banking when using a public computer.

A Subsidiary is the equivalent to the ACH Company ID in Business Gateway.


The Recipient Address Book is where all your ACH and Wire Recipients are saved.


Yes, once you edit a Recipient, the information will be updated in the Recipient Address Book and all respective ACH/Wire Templates.

No, address information is only required if the recipient is set up to receive wires.

You can use a payment to send a pre‑note to an account. To send a pre-note to a newly established recipient, send a zero dollar ACH transaction to the recipient account. The pre-note confirms the validity of a routing number and account at the receiving financial institution, without any movement of funds taking place.  If sending a pre-note, you must wait 3 business days before you can send a live transaction to that recipient.

Go to the Message Center and create a new Message.  For the Message Recipient, select “ACH;” for the Message Subject, enter “ACH Reversal.”  In the Message body, please enter the specific details of the file or transaction you need reversed: File amount, Approval Date, Effective Date, Reason for Reversal.  For individual Transactions, also include Recipient Name, Recipient Account Number, and the dollar amount of the individual transaction. 

The ACH Pass-Thru feature allows you to create files with multiple batches and with other SEC codes, depending on which SEC codes you are entitled to use. In addition, unlike other ACH payments, the ACH Pass-Thru feature performs minimal validations before passing the file to us.

You can import NACHA-formatted files in ACH Payments or ACH Collections and Payroll payments, but those files may only contain one batch each. In addition, those payments can only support PPD, CCD, WEB, or TEL Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes, depending on what SEC codes you are entitled to use.


By default, we do not support all SEC codes. If you encounter unsupported SEC codes that you need to submit, please contact your Johnson Financial Group Treasury Management Consultant during regular business hours.

Because there may be multiple effective dates in the file, you enter the date on which you want the file to be processed. The Process Day is the date the file should be sent to the bank to begin processing. This is not equal to the effective date.

We suggest you set the process date at least 1 business day prior to the earliest effective date contained within the file.  If the process date is the same day or after an effective date within a file, the file could be sent as a same day ACH which are subject to additional processing fees.


A Subsidiary is equivalent to the originating account that your company has contracted for wire originations. 

You may need to use an intermediary financial institution if the financial institution for the beneficiary is not a direct Fedwire participant and cannot receive a wire transfer via the Fedwire system.  These instructions should be provided to you by the beneficiary.

There is no registration requirement on our system. To make federal and/or state tax payments, you should register or enroll in the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program for each tax authority that you want to pay. Payment via our online banking system does not enroll you with the federal or state agency. Some agencies will not accept electronic tax payments from unregistered parties.

In AccessJFG, instead of directly managing individual user’s permissions, a company will setup User Roles based on job duties.  That User Role will be given account and services entitlements.  For example, you could create an Accounts Payable Role that will have access to any ACH or Wire Payment functions.  A User Role will then be assigned to each individual user. 

Upon initial migration from Business Gateway, every user from Business Gateway will be migrated over with their own User Role, so you will have one User Role for each Business Gateway user.  You can edit and consolidate these roles if you would like. 

When you create a user, you must set the account rights, transaction rights, and limits for the user. If you haven’t assigned a User Role for the new user, they will not be able to see any accounts. Or depending on your settings (for dual approval of non-financial transactions), a different user may need to initiate final approval for user activation.

No, it only removes their access and rights to AccessJFG. All payments and templates that the user created remain, as do references to their online activity.

No, for security purposes you can only add or remove users and edit user rights. Users can change their own contact information and password if they need to do so.

You must have access to at least one of the listed contacts to log in for the first time or register a browser device. If you need immediate access, contact JFG TM Support 888.769.3796 option 2 or After you verify your identity, JFG TM Support can add a new contact method.  Moving forward, each user can manage their own contact information.

There are several possible reasons that you may need to register a browser or device again, including:

  • Your browser settings are configured to delete cookies.
  • Your browser cookies for AccessJFG were removed.
  • You use a browser plugin that automatically removes browser cookies when you close the browser.
  • You log in with a different browser on the same registered computer.
  • You deleted and reinstalled the mobile banking app.
  • For security reasons, we reset all active registrations for all users.

On a computer browser, delete all Internet browser cookies. See your browser help for information about deleting cookies. On a tablet or smartphone, the registration information is automatically deleted when you delete the mobile banking app.

Yes, the transport of your message is secure sockets layer (SSL)-encrypted and is never sent through public, unsecured communication channels like email communication.

Secure message and email alerts are sent when transaction processing completes. Alerts are delivered in most cases.

If you miss an alert via phone call, the alert system leaves a message on voice mail.

For email alerts, check your junk mail or spam folder for the alert. If the alert is in the junk mail folder, configure your junk mail settings to allow email from so you do not miss future alerts. If you believe you did not receive an alert phone call or email, click or tap Messages in the menu to check for the alert. If the alert does not appear in the Inbox, confirm that the alert is enabled in the Alerts page. If the alert is enabled and you still believe you did not receive an alert, contact Johnson Financial Group at 888.769.3796 option 2 or for assistance.

Note: Email, phone, and text message alerts are a convenience, and should not be used to manage critical account details or appointments. Due to the nature of the email, phone, and text message networks, these networks cannot be 100 percent reliable delivery channels. Secure messages within our system are very reliable, since they are contained entirely within the banking system.

Yes, security alerts are event driven and are sent in real time.

Yes, you can access a test / development version of our JFG app via special download. Please fill out the brief form on the Friends & Family home page (can we insert the block link or should we say something else that leads them to the form section?) to be taken to the download instructions.

Mobile Specific Features

  • Biometrics for authentication (Face ID, Touch ID, Fingerprint) for iOS and Android
  • Passcode for authentication
  • Quick Balance
  • Mobile Thumb Bar
  • Mobile Quick Links
  • VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android (accessibility features) for native app pages
  • Push Notifications - users can only enable the feature via mobile app, and are a mobile-only alert delivery method
  • Users can only print or download via PDF, except eStatements than can be printed as HTML

Secure Messages

  • You cannot attach or download files on messages on mobile

Commercial Banking

  • The Policy Test feature is not available on mobile
  • Setting up of Account Labels is not available on mobile
  • File Upload is not available on mobile
  • Import Wire File is not available on mobile

Johnson Financial Group determines which quick links appear.

Johnson Financial Group may have changed access to that feature. Try restarting your app.

Your loading time may vary based on your internet connectivity. If your quick links fail to load, try restarting your app.

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