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Conveniently image-capture check payments right at your business location.

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Features of DepositPartner

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  • Extended Deposit Window
    Deposits can be prepared and transmitted when it’s convenient for you. Deposits sent on any business day by 7:00 p.m. CST receive same day credit.
  • Reduced Transportation Costs and Risk 
    You and your employees are no longer at risk transporting deposits to the bank.
  • Reduced Banking Costs
    Consolidate regional or nationwide deposits to a single Johnson Financial Group account, reducing cash concentration costs and the need for multiple accounts.
  • Reduced Research Costs
    Download and save reports to your network, eliminating labor-intensive photocopying and research time.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiencies
    Recognition technology improves speed and accuracy in the capture process, resulting in savings in data entry/processing time and streamlining your balancing routine.
  • Data Security
    Performs data transmission between your business and Johnson Financial Group using digital encryption to ensure secure transactions.
  • Streamlined Receivables Management
    Export deposit information into Excel and import into your A/R system. This streamlines the processing of accounts and may improve accuracy by eliminating re-entry of information.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    Supports small single user systems and large payment processing environments.

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