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The Great Reconsideration: Looking Ahead to the Next Stage of the Labor Market Whitepaper

The labor market continues to be unpredictable and driven by new challenges. As such, economists have signaled that the labor market is moving into another phase. Previously, there have been trends labeled as the Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffle. The Great Resignation referred to a mass movement of workers leaving the workforce. In contrast, the Great Reshuffle illustrated workers quitting one job they are unsatisfied with to take another—which has been a more accurate assessment. There has not been a mass exodus from work itself, as the term the Great Resignation suggested.

While these terms still hold some truth to the current state of the market, some economists have even used a new term to describe the current worker sentiment: the Great Reconsideration. Instead, workers are seizing the unprecedented opportunity to reconsider and change their work experiences. They’ve had time to reflect on their jobs and consider opportunities with a fresh perspective.

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