What do you believe is your most valuable asset?

For years a home was considered the most secure asset, it increased in value, year after year and typically represented a solid investment. And then 2008 happened and for the first-time millions of Americans saw their home values plummet and found themselves owing more than they could get for the asset. Homes have again climbed in value, but it took a long time to recoup the value lost during those years.

While your home is still considered a solid investment, home value increase is not a guarantee. The volatility in 2008 and again with the recent pandemic has also shown 401K/Investments are not guaranteed to provide you continued growth and need to be managed closely to be positioned to deal with inevitable market ups and downs.

So what is your most valuable asset? It’s you, and your ability to earn income today and in the future. The greatest threat to your earnings is anything that would prevent you from being able to work, so what next when something happens? Let’s hear from someone who had to face a disability that prevented him from working…

A Life Changed, A Lifestyle Remains

How Can You Protect Your Most Valuable Asset?

by Todd Schober

As Vice President, Life Insurance Sales Executive, Todd is committed to helping clients with comprehensive business and personal financial planning. He specializes in estate and succession planning and provides strategies to pass on assets to the next generation or to transfer a business to key individuals. Business owners also benefit from Todd’s experience with deferred compensation plans.

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