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Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

By Kate Trudell | Johnson Financial Group

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Estate Planning is a topic that can be overwhelming and scary. No one want to consider their own death. I don't. I remember making my first will, after my son was born. I put such careful consideration into who would care for him if something happened to me, then it hit me that none of my careful consideration mattered unless I was dead. That's depressing and it's easy to put those decisions off.

But what I can tell you is that preparing your estate plan beforehand for the people you leave behind, the people who are grieving your loss, can make the process much easier and take the heavy burden off of your loved ones. Your estate plan makes your wishes known. There is no need for guesswork or family arguments about what you would have wanted. Your intentions are memorialized in writing in those estate plan documents. Let’s discuss what goes into a good estate plan and how to get started.

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Kate Trudell

Kate Trudell

VP Wealth Fiduciary Advisor | Johnson Financial Group

As Vice President, Wealth Fiduciary Advisor, Kate fosters and grows relationships with clients in order to provide the best products and services for every individual, family, and organization. She is passionate about helping people manage affairs that are both personal and important to them, their families, and their businesses. As a former employment law attorney, Kate is skilled in working with multiple stakeholders to achieve satisfactory solutions to challenging problems. Through her collaborative approach and genuine curiosity for each person’s story, Kate grows strong client relationships built on transparency and trust.

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