Save and manage receipts in one place

Eliminate overstuffed wallets and envelopes of faded receipts.


Take a picture of your receipt(s).


Save the image to your mobile app.


Continue with your day knowing that your receipts are securely stored in your mobile app.


Securely store paper and electronic receipts

Take a photo of your receipts using the camera feature of your phone, or forward your email receipts.

Organize receipts with folders, notes and tags

Group expenses in personalized folders such as gas, donations or household expenses. Add notes and tags so they're easy to find later.

Quickly search for receipts

Search and filter by item, category or any other content to find a specific receipt.

Easily access receipt information

One tap access to transactions details, barcodes and store information.

Simplify filing with export options

Send receipts and key information to a PDF, CSV or pre‐filled Microsoft Excel™ expense reports.

Set reminders for returns and warranties

Set reminders for lapsing returns or warranty periods so you never miss your return window.

Getting Started

Log in

Log in to the Johnson Bank mobile app.

Choose receipts

Select Receipts from the More menu.

Create email

Create your secure and personalized email.

Store receipts

For paper receipts, simply take a photo with the camera feature on your phone. For digital receipts, forward the email or text message to your secure and personalized email.

Tag expenses

Tag the expense as personal or business and file it in a digital folder if needed.

Review and save

Key purchase information is extracted for you. Review and hit Save.

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Person using mobile phone to pay with a credit card.

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Easily make secure in-store and in-app purchases at participating merchants using your mobile device and a Johnson Financial Group credit or debit card.

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From the Receipt List, tap Capture Receipts. For iPhone devices with iOS 9 or above, you will default to Automatic capture mode, with the flash automatically turned on. Arrange the receipt edges on the screen so that the whole receipt is visible. Hover over the receipt, holding still to give the camera time to capture the image. Avoid white surfaces, to allow the camera to detect the edges of the receipt. The other camera capture mode is Manual. The flash will be automatically turned on. Use the crop bar and grid lines to eliminate the background in the receipt image and ensure the receipt is straight. Tap on the receipt to focus on the receipt's text. Tap on the circular capture button at the bottom of the screen to capture the image.

For very long receipts, it is best to be in Manual mode, otherwise the receipt may be too far away from the camera to take a clear image with legible text. Start by capturing an image of the top part of the receipt in Manual mode. Then tap on Add Section in the following screen and line up the next section of the receipt so that it matches the image of the first section, which is visible near the top. Again tap on the circular capture button at the bottom of the screen to capture the image of the next section. Ensure the separate captures are seamlessly stitched together by sliding the previous image capture over the new capture to meet where the previous image ended.

Two‐sided receipts should be captured in Manual mode so you can capture all the receipt details. Take an image of the front of the receipt, then tap on Add Section to take an image of the back of the receipt.

Typically, paper receipts will process quicker than email receipts. They could appear in the listing page as quickly as a few seconds, but may take up to 24 hours to post.

The first step in using Digital Receipts is to create a personal Receipts email address. This email does not have a visible inbox to compose or view messages. Instead, it is used to securely store electronic receipts. If a merchant offers an electronic receipt option, you can provide them with the Receipts email address and you can also forward electronic receipts to the Receipts email.

If you have a receipt in your personal email inbox, simply forward it to your personal Receipts email address that you created during the setup of Digital Receipts. If you ever forget your email address, you can find it at the top of the Receipt List screen.

Yes. This will save you the step of remembering to forward your e‐receipts and online order confirmations. Instead of entering your personal email address, you can provide a merchant your email address, and any receipts sent by that merchant will be automatically added to your Receipt List.

Double check the email address you are using against the email address that you see at the top of the Receipt List screen. Try forwarding the receipt again. It may take a few minutes to process your receipt. Additionally, if you are unable to find your email on the Receipt List page, you may find it in the Non‐Receipt email listing page. You can find the Non‐Receipt Listing page by tapping on Notifications. If there are emails marked as Non‐Receipt, there will be an element that will say 1 Email was marked as a Non‐Receipt. Click on the notification to be directed to the Non‐Receipt email list.

Merchants may try to make the checkout experience better by memorizing the email address you previously used instead of asking for it again. They do this by keeping the email address on file for the debit/credit card you previously used.

You are unable to change the email address you selected to another email address.

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