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There's no need to stress over gift giving when you choose a Johnson Financial Group Visa gift card. It's great for any occasion – holidays, anniversaries, birthdays or just to say "thank you".


Giving a gift card is safer than carrying cash.


Gift cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted, making them more versatile than store cards.


Easily access balances and know exactly what you have left to spend.

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You can receive a listing of your most recent transactions as well as the remaining balance, by calling 800.538.7670 and following the prompts or by going here.

Although your card is not a credit card, you can use your card to pay for transactions the same way you would use a credit card or debit card. You can choose either debit or credit when making a purchase. If you select debit, you will need to enter your PIN.

No. You cannot access cash from your gift card via an ATM or point‐of‐sale terminal.

Yes, you may receive a cash advance by going into any Visa processing bank or credit union that offers a cash advance option.

Yes, you can use your gift card at online merchants that accept Visa cards. However, car rentals, hotel rentals and Internet gambling are not available with your gift card.

You will need to combine the value of your gift card with another form of payment. You must inform the merchant how much is available on your gift card, and then ask the merchant to complete a “split transaction” and charge the gift card for the requested balance. You can then pay for the remaining amount of your purchase with another form of payment. It is helpful to tell the merchant up front how much to take from your gift card when making a split transaction. Should you have an issue with a split transaction, please contact the Johnson Financial Group Customer Support Center at 888.769.3796.

The Johnson Financial Group Visa gift card is a Visa‐branded stored value card that can be given to anyone and used almost anywhere Visa is accepted as a form of payment.

To use your gift card, you must activate the card and set up a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once you have completed the activation process, your card will be ready for use. If you do not complete all steps your card will be rejected when presented at the time of a purchase. Once your card is activated, register your card here. This will allow you to track activity and check balances on your card. Registration also allows us to access information on your card if it is lost or stolen or if you need to resolve a potential error on your card. Card registration is also required to have the card covered by FDIC Insurance. If your card is not registered, these services may not be available to you.

Yes, your gift card will expire when the remaining balance is equal to zero or you have exceeded the expiration date shown on the front of your gift card.

No. A gift card is loaded with a predetermined monetary balance. Each time you make a purchase with the card, the amount of your purchase is deducted from the balance on the card. It is similar to a credit card as it can be used like a credit card at millions of locations worldwide.

No. A merchant should not refuse the gift card as a form of payment if the merchant accepts Visa. Since the card has a Visa logo, it should be accepted wherever Visa is accepted at the point of sale. A merchant may not be able to get an authorization for various reasons, but should not refuse the card.

The Johnson Financial Group Visa gift card can be loaded for any amount between $10.00 and $500.00, including odd amounts (i.e. $37.50).

The Johnson Financial Group Visa gift card is the ideal gift because it may be used at a wide range of retail stores and restaurants, not only in the United States, but also internationally. The Visa gift card is better than store gift cards and certificates because the recipient gets to choose from almost any store that accepts Visa. The card can be used multiple times, at different retailers until the funds are depleted. The gift recipient has maximum flexibility to use the gift as he or she chooses. As a plastic card, it can be held easily in a purse or wallet without folding or tearing.

You can use your gift card by paying for your purchase inside the gas station. A gift card cannot be used to pay at the pump.

You can use your gift card at a restaurant just as you would at any other merchant. However, it is common for service‐oriented merchants to automatically factor in an additional 20% to cover any tip you may leave on the card. If your total bill, after adding in the additional 20%, exceeds the amount on the gift card, it will be declined. You should ensure that your card has an available balance that is 20% greater than your total bill.

No, additional money cannot be added to your card.

No. Only the recipient may use the card; it is not transferable. The person who has received and signed the card is the authorized user.

No. There is no minimum age required to receive a gift card. However, the back of the card must be signed as you may be asked to provide an acceptable form of identification when making a purchase or performing a transaction using the card.

International transactions made with the Visa gift card will be converted into U.S. dollars using an exchange rate for the applicable central processing date (which is either the date selected by Visa or the government mandated rate). An International Service Assessment Fee of 1% on all international transactions will be assessed if the transaction involves a currency conversion (excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands). This fee will be passed to the card owner.

Call Customer Service at 800.538.7670 immediately. The gift card must have been registered in order for any action to be taken if the card is lost or stolen.

You can return items purchased with your gift card; however, you are subject to the individual merchant's return policy. Since additional money cannot be added to the card, funds cannot be placed back on the gift card. Based upon the merchant's return policy, you might receive cash, an exchange or store credit.

You cannot submit a billing dispute or request a stop payment. If you have a problem with a purchase, you must address that problem with the merchant involved.

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