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Johnson Financial Group’s Brian Andrew and Jackie Ruppel joined a recent episode of the GoGedders podcast to discuss the ins and outs of inflation. They break down the state of the economic market today and provide actionable recommendations to ensure financial stability. Key discussion points include: 

  • what inflation is 
  • why we are experiencing it
  • the changes we’ll see in interest rates
  • how savings and investments will be affected

To learn more, listen to the full interview below.



Now Is an Opportunity to Invest

Brian discusses how big selloffs and down markets are an opportunity to put more money to work by purchasing good companies’ stocks at much lower prices. While this might feel uncomfortable, it’s often the best time to invest.

Inflation & Increasing Wages

While most employers are trying to stay the course with their normal merit increases during this inflationary period, some are getting creative to attract and retain talent. Jackie and Brian talk about what Johnson Financial Group is doing for our employees.

The Importance of Financial Planning

Listen to Jackie and Brian discuss the importance of having a financial plan that is tested against different types of scenarios, such as inflation and market volatility, so you can feel comfortable about achieving your goals long-term.

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