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Johnson Financial Group’s Brian Andrew joined a recent episode of the GoGedders podcast to provide his thoughts on a variety of topics impacting the economy in the post-lockdown environment. Brian explores the economic effects of the pandemic, the labor shortage, skills gap, supply chain issues, surprisingly good market health, crypto, China, inflation, bonds, tax changes, and more. To learn more about what to expect leading into 2022, listen to Brian’s interview below.



Companies are Struggling to Hire

A lot of companies are struggling to hire qualified workers even though there is a large percentage of the population not working. There are lots of reasons for this, but one of the biggest reasons is the mismatch in skill sets needed from workers and the skill sets that people have. Learn more about how the pandemic has exacerbated this mismatch.

Is Crypto Stabilizing?

If you go back several years, crypto currencies didn’t really trade with the rest of the market. So, whatever was happening with stocks, didn’t really matter for crypto currencies. One of the things we’ve seen this year is that the relationship between the two is pretty tight. Learn more about what’s happening with crypto currencies and expectations moving forward.

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